Much like the car wash market in the United States, car washing technology and practice on the international stage is in flux, with a wide variety of systems and approaches competing. We asked the team at Švaros Broliai, the leading car wash provider in Lithuania, about their experiences with Tommy Car Wash Systems’ equipment and the difference it’s made for them.

This is what they had to say:

How long have you been in the car wash business?

Švaros Broliai has been in the car wash business for more than 21 years. We are the largest and most advanced operator of car washes in the Baltics (based in Lithuania) with 20 car washes in total: six tunnel car washes and six car detailing centers as well as eight self-service car washes.

How has car wash industry changed in Lithuania over the past 5-10 years?

The car wash industry in Lithuania was developing pretty slowly, mostly through openings of new self-service car washes, before Švaros Broliai changed the market completely in only a few years by opening our tunnel car washes. We opened our fist 5 tunnel car washes in only 12 months and took the market by storm. Last year Švaros Broliai washed more than 1.25 million cars and beat our closest competitor in Lithuania by at least a factor of three.

How has TCWS been able to help advance these changes?

All of our tunnel car washes are equipped with TCWS equipment. This clearly shows that cooperation with TCWS was instrumental to Švaros Broliai’s advancement to clear leadership in Lithuania’s car wash market.

Why should a potential customer choose TCWS products over any other brand?

TCWS are real
professionals. The equipment is most likely the best in the market; we get all
the support and help we need. We even get personal attention from the owners of
the company! We really like that TCWS never stops innovating and looking for
ways to improve the equipment and IT systems, as well as user experience. This
in turn helps us to service our customers better.

How has the durability of the TCWS products held up over time?

The durability is as
advertised. If you take good care of the equipment, it holds. That’s what we
are focused on.

What are your customers’ favorite parts about TCWS product line?

First and foremost,
our customers like that TCWS equipment does the job fast and with good quality.
In the end this is what is most important. As we take good care of the
equipment according to TCWS instructions. Our car washes run with almost no
interruptions; that is also of high importance to our customers. Last but not
least, TCWS equipment just looks much better than other comparable products.

What are the biggest benefits to your relationship with Tommy Car Wash Systems?

We really like it that we feel as partners and not only customers with TCWS. We get personal attention, everything goes according to agreements, schedules are kept, etc. TCWS are always looking for ways to do things better; this in turn helps us to service our customers better and make our business stronger.

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