Your car wash's logo and the stationary, decals, placards, and full-size back-lit facility signage that carries it will display your car wash's message and identity to the world. So what message do you want your car wash to send and how best is a car wash owner or operator to approach the car wash logo design process?

Point 1) Your Logo Must Identify the Facility's Function

If customers aren't able to identify your service at a glance they are much less likely to remember it in the future. It is for this reason that many experienced voices in the industry advise that all car wash logos feature three types of information in the following levels of priority.

1. "Car Wash"

This is what your facility is. This is what you want people to remember.  Therefore be sure to have the words "CAR WASH" front and center on your facility's main signage. This information should be the largest text by far and other elements should be worked in around it.

2. Brand Name

Your branding is important and should be displayed throughout the lettering and coloration of the design and your facility as a whole.

3. Value Statements

These are advertisements and can be powerful draws for your facility, but should be sized smallest compared to the two pieces of information above. Common value statements include an unusually low price point ($3 Wash!), an extra service (Free Vacuums!), or a company motto (Service with a Smile!).

Point 2) Your Logo Must Convey Value

Your logo should signal the value your car wash offers its customers using color, lettering, and design. How you go about this is up to you.

Many car wash owners choose to use rounded blue designs that evoke raindrops or soap bubbles, features that convey a sense of cleanliness. Others focus on the automotive aspect of the wash with sleek car imagery and primary colors. Still others have found great success with retro designs that hearken back to the glory days of Americana.

Point 3) Your Logo Must be Adaptable

Your car wash logo is going to end up all over:

> Your website

> Social Media

> Print Advertisements

> Main Facility Signage

> Other Site Signage and Placards

> Stationary

> T-Shirts / Uniforms

> ETC...

This means that your logo must be adaptable, able to be easily sized up or down or adapted for large, extra wide, or extra high applications. While many owners prefer simple designs that lend themselves to these diverse uses, others may create alternate stylized versions of the main design to have on hand in case they are needed.

Point 4) Your Logo Must be Professional

Corporate logos should always be designed with the help of a great graphic designer. If you have an idea for a design, or if you are starting from scratch and need concepts to explore, a professional designer can flush out the possibilities, create different variations, and offer a final product which can then be used as you have need. The level of detail and experience available makes this service an absolute necessity.

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