As a car wash owner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to decrease expenses and boost revenue. Purchasing replacement car wash parts, equipment and supplies can eat into your car wash business’ revenue if you’re not careful, and ordering the correct supplies from sales representatives can be a hassle. At Tommy Car Wash, we understand the challenges car wash owners face when it comes to obtaining the right car wash parts and supplies, and we’ve worked hard to make sure our car wash parts ordering process is as simple – and cost-effective – as possible.

To this end, we’ve developed a streamlined online parts and supplies ordering system available on our website. Through our online store, car wash owners can purchase car wash detergents, parts, equipment and a wide range of both Tommy Car Wash and A.V.W. replacement parts. Car wash owners will find our online parts store fast, easy to use, accurate and – most importantly – a great way to save money!

buy car wash parts online

Why order car wash parts from Tommy online?

Free shipping on orders under $10,000.

Shipping costs for heavy items such as car wash detergents, soaps and replacement equipment can add up quickly, but we’ve eliminated these costs by offering free shipping for most car wash part orders placed online. To qualify for free shipping, orders of car wash detergents and liquid chemicals must meet a $900 minimum. Parts orders have no minimum to qualify.

Get the right part the first time.

When placing car wash part and supply orders over the phone to customer service representatives, some details can get lost in translation. Part numbers can get jumbled, and car wash owners typically have to order based on catalog part descriptions, which can lead to incorrect orders. Ordering car wash parts online through our online parts store leaves a much smaller margin for error. By including detailed photos and descriptions of each part, online ordering also allows you to see exactly what you’re ordering to make sure it’s the correct part.

Multiple payment options.

Just because you’re placing an order online doesn’t mean you’re required to use a company credit card. Tommy’s online store offers multiple payment options during checkout, including credit card, wire transfer and check payment, giving your car wash business more financial flexibility. We can even setup a direct debit from your checking account which is helpful for residual orders like car wash detergents.

Bulk car wash part purchase discounts.

As an OEM car wash equipment supplier, we offer bulk discounts on many parts and supplies, and these discounts are available through online ordering as well as through phone orders. Any available bulk discounts are automatically applied to your total during checkout when purchasing supplies through Tommy’s online store.

Faster order processing.

Car wash part and supply orders placed online through the Tommy Car Wash store are immediately put into our system for instant processing, while orders placed over the phone may not be processed until later in the day or the next morning. Additionally, orders placed through our online store are processed directly by us, allowing you to receive your order more quickly while continuing to get full support and installation service from our local distributors.

If you have questions about ordering online, give us a call at 616-494-0771, or start browsing our online car wash supply store today!

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