Whether paid or free, vacuums play a role in driving business at your express car wash. Designed for customer convenience, they are much more accessible than dragging out cumbersome vacuum cleaners and wrestling with extension cords at home. To make the most of your car wash vacuum station, you need to keep your vacuums in good working order and make them easy to spot for customers.   

Tommy Car Wash Systems offers premium tools and accessories to help you maintain and promote your vacuums. 

Promotional Signs 

Vacuums draw customers to your car wash, but only if they know they are there. Tommy Car Wash Systems weatherized stainless steel signage attaches directly to the stanchion system and can handle all weather conditions while still looking great for years to come. The stainless steel signage is available for both free and general vacuum stations. You can also promote free vacuums with a vinyl decal attached to the can. 

Vacuum Doors, Seals & Hoses 

The suction power of a vacuum is dependent on airflow creating pressure. If the airflow is disrupted, the vacuum won’t do its job. Regularly inspect the vacuum access doors and seals to ensure they are air-tight and leak-free. When it’s time to replace the access door, Tommy Car Wash Systems Vacuum Filter Door fits a standard 13” dual motor vacuum canister. 

The vacuum hose takes a lot of physical abuse, particularly at a car wash. Over time, perforations or cracks can develop, affecting the airflow and suction ability of the vacuum. Tommy Car Wash System’s 15’ Flexible Tapered Vacuum Hose is perfect for vacuuming vehicles at the vacuum stations. The hose features a non-clogging design which allows the hose to move freely without kinking. The hose is weatherproof and UV and abrasion-resistant. 

Vacuum nozzles can get beat up or become lost altogether. It’s good to keep a few extras on hand so you’re never left with just a hose. The Vacuum Nozzle Claw is made of heavy-duty plastic molding, making it an easy to use and weatherproof solution for self-service car wash vacuum stations. The nozzle's ridged edge provides durability for scraping dried debris such as mud from floor beds or weather mats. 

Vacuum Bags 

Let’s be honest; your customers will vacuum up anything they come across in their vehicle. From loose change to fossilized French fries, it will end up in your vacuum bag. Changing your vacuum bags regularly before they are full is one of the essential maintenance tasks to keep your vacuums running optimally. If they get too full, the air circulation is hampered, putting strain on the motor and shortening the life of your machine. Tommy Car Wash Systems straightforward vacuum filter bags work in any 18” vacuum canister. They are easy to install, remove, and keep dirt, dust, and other debris secure between changes.  

Vacuum Filter Cartridges 

Vacuum filter cartridges also help extend the life of your vacuum if changed regularly. The filter collects dust and other small particle debris before the air is recirculated. This includes the machine parts of the vacuum. Tommy Car Wash System’s Polypropylene sediment filter is a pleated 5-micron filter designed for extended service life and high flow rates.  

Tommy Performance Vacuum System 

Tommy Car Wash Systems' next-generation independent motor vacuum system includes a unique 4.62HP 480V Turbine Vacuum Motor installed above each stanchion, increasing suction and power efficiency. The arrangement uses a lower amp draw for higher horsepower and allows the PLC to control individual stalls for optimal performance and significantly reduced maintenance costs. The stainless-steel construction withstands weather and prevents rust and corrosion, so it stays looking good. Tommy Car Wash Systems vacuum systems can be installed at any car wash location, adding curb appeal and performance to your car wash. 

Tommy Car Wash Systems makes maintaining and promoting your important vacuum station easy. Order parts and accessories for your vacuum station online, anytime through our online store, or speak to a member of our sales team.