The car wash conveyor belt is the ultimate solution to enhance the customer experience 

The dual belt conveyor is equipped with two 30” wide sections of flat belt conveyor, with a 2’ gap for the pit in between. The belt rides across a stainless-steel shelf supported by the conveyor frame. Conveyor is available with 1” or 2” flights, or without flights.  

It’s a fantastic upgrade from the old chain-and-roller style car washes of the past.  

The car wash belt gives the consumer a modern way to enter the wash. 

Why should you upgrade your conveyor?

Here are the top perks for your visitors and benefits for owners: 


  1. Easy vehicle loading. Gone are the guide rails and correlators that can often cause anxiety at the car wash entrance. The Tommy Transporter Dual Belt is a stress-free way to load into the car wash. 
  2. Low-profile design. The belt design safely accommodates a range of customer vehicles. Its width is forgiving and flexible when loading, and accepts low-riding vehicles and dual-rear wheel pickup trucks (dualies).  
  3. Accelerates the loading process. Customers don’t need to stop and wait for the roller to raise. With the belt conveyor, visitors load on the fly. Our conveyor belt allows cars to stack closer together in the tunnel, amping up your processing numbers and getting customers through the line quickly. 

  4. Reduces chances of damage. Without those pesky guard rails, damages from scratched rims dissolve to almost zero with the switch to a conveyor belt. Reduce your claims! 

Take your wash to the next level

If you’re considering an in-bay conversion with Tommy Car Wash Systems, know that the belt is sold by the foot, so we can customize your order to your specific needs.  

Our sales team is always available to answer any questions. A conveyor belt is a great way to increase your ROI when you start to process more cars per hour. The future of car washing starts with upgrading to more modern equipment. Make the leap today!