With theAll-In-One Extreme Clean Combo, Tommy Car Wash Systems has combined all the best cleaning components in a single powerful module.  

With its stainless-steel construction, it’s designed to endure decades of heavy use with proper maintenance and as an added perk (with regular cleaning), stainless steel equipment will become shiner as it ages. 

What is included in this car wash equipment set?

There are two models available, offering both an electric drive and a hydraulic drive. Choose what option works best for your wash setup. Included in the combo:

  • The Reverse Hugger™ brushes start the cleaning process by removing loose dirt from the sides of the vehicle. 
  • Next, a six-row circular mitter curtain provides the soft-touch clean.
  • Two standard 21" or 26" rocker brushes.
  • Two of our Z-Wrap brushes clean the fronts, sides, and backs of customer vehicles.

When considering the electric drive All-in-One Extreme Clean Combo, know that it requires a dual air control panel for independent air assistance on the wrap brushes. 

The hydraulic drive All-in-One Extreme Clean Combo requires four hydraulic ports (mitter can be shared) and the dual air control panel for independent air assistance on the wrap brushes. 

What makes this better than buying individual equipment?

This technological breakthrough puts the most cleaning power in the smallest space and at the lowest cost for a truly revolutionary exterior cleaning system.

  1. Save space
    All components are located on two arches, collapsing the space and material required for installation.
  2. Safer install
    The All-In-One Combo eliminates as much floor-mounted equipment as possible. This keeps your wash uncluttered and easy to navigate. It also provides low levels of mechanical interaction.
  3. Fewer parts to operate and maintain
    Our side brushes require no shocks, no arm bearings, and no outputs. It’s easy to swap side and wrap brushes when needed, so your cloth replacements are quick and affordable. Cloth is sold separately so you can customize it.

Save thousands with an all-in-one solution and eliminate costly, redundant mounting systems. For best results, use two All-In-One Extreme Clean Combo units in formation along the length of the tunnel.  

This unit is the best soft-cloth cleaning module in our lineup and the car wash industry as a whole! 
Contact our sales team today with any product or installation questions.