5 Ways the Tommy Online Store Benefits Your Carwash

Only a few years ago Tommy Car Wash Systems launched the first iteration of our online store, an answer to a growing need in the car wash industry and an excellent solution for streamlining our own sales and purchasing processes.

We know that car wash owners are always on the lookout for new ways to decrease expenses and boost revenue and operational efficiency, and we know that when a wash has a busy month and runs low on drying agent, or a part in a conveyor breaks and needs to be replaced, time turns into money. If you can’t get your wash back in service fast, value and sales are lost and reputations are damaged.

So we make purchasing replacement car wash parts, equipment, detergent, and supplies easy and intuitive so that you get the part you need faster, and at a better price point. Through our online store, car wash owners can purchase car wash detergents, parts, equipment, and a wide range of both Tommy Car Wash and A.V.W. replacement parts.

So why order car wash parts from the Tommy Car Wash Store online?


1. Accurate Ordering

Car washes are extremely complex cleaning machines and when you need to replace a part over the phone with customer service representatives, mistakes can be made. Part numbers, sizes, or brands can be confused and owners may have to wait entire extra weeks after the wrong product arrives to go through the return and replacement process. Our online parts store reduces the risk of errors by including detailed photos, part numbers, and descriptions for each part so you get the right component the first time.

2. Free shipping on orders under $10,000

Shipping costs for heavy items such as car wash detergents, soaps, and replacement equipment can add up quickly, but we’ve eliminated these costs by offering free shipping for most car wash part orders placed online. To qualify for free freight shipping, wash detergents and liquid chemicals orders must meet a $900.00 minimum and may not exceed $10,000.00. Parts orders have no minimum to qualify. Also, check out our fill-a-skid program for free shipping and discounts on car wash detergents!

3. Bulk Discounts

As a proprietary, OEM car wash equipment supplier we offer attractive bulk discounts on many parts and supplies available on our store. You can receive these discounts through both online and phone orders, and all discounts are automatically applied. Check our prices and offerings online or call our sales team for more information and program limitations.

4. More Payment Options

Just because you’re placing an order online doesn’t mean you’re always required to use a company credit card.  Credit card, wire transfer, and check payment options are available during the checkout process, so you have the flexibility to pay for your product the way you choose. You can even set up a direct debit transaction from your checking account, which is perfect for recurring orders like detergents and cleaning products. Please be aware that it is our policy never to ship an item until payment has been completed.

5. Fast Processing

Parts and supply orders placed online through the Tommy Car Wash store are immediately placed into our system for instant processing, so you get your parts or chemicals faster. If you have special needs, feel free to email sales@tommycarwash.com or call our team at 616-494-0771 and make them known. We’ll work to accommodate you so your wash keeps cleaning without interruption.

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