It’s no secret that car wash owners and operators pray for sunshine and hate the rain. As soon as those black clouds let loose, it seems like everyone in town celebrates the free rinse they just got from the heavens and steers clear of any wash facilities.

On the other hand, you may spot a used car advertisement listing a vehicle that was, "lovingly cared for and never driven in the rain.” Certainly, there are many auto enthusiasts who will have their cars cleaned immediately after it comes into precipitation of any sort. So this raises some questions: Is rain dangerous to your vehicle’s surfaces? Can rain alone keep your car clean? And what are the advantages great car wash equipment can offer over a natural rain rinse?

1. Is natural rain enough to keep a car clean?

The answer is no. Rainwater can only provide a light rinse that only creates mud and streaking. Even a strong rain does not have adequate pressure to remove dirt and there will always be a layer of grime that the rainwater won’t be able to dislodge. Rain alone can not make a car clean.

2. Is rain dangerous to a vehicle's surfaces?

In general a modern vehicle's surfaces are more than up to the task of resisting rainwater and you don't need to worry if you get wet driving around town. However, certain areas of the world do have high levels of acid rain. This corrosive precipitation, a result of pollution, can damage and mar your car's surface—especially if it is unprotected by a wax or polymer finish or you have an older vehicle with a less durable clear coat.

3. What are the advantages of a car wash over a natural rain rise?

Power : The car wash delivers focused, pH balanced water with enough force to remove stubborn dirt for a better clean.

Friction: Soft-cloth and foam brushes remove anything the high pressure rinse cannot. The process is safe and very effective. For more information check out the blog post on the subject linked HERE.

Chemical action: Low pH body soap and pre wash increase the cleaning potential of the high pressure rinse and friction cleaning systems alike.

Extras: UV coat, Hot wax, and drying agents all work to make sure that your car's surface receives the affordable short-term protection you need to keep your vehicle looking great.

Better Water: The best washes use water that is filtered, cleaner, and better for your car than anything you’ll find coming out of a hose or falling from the sky. You can read more about car wash water quality HERE.

Underbody rinse: Rain won't clean out the salt, debris, and brake dust underneath your car, compounds absolutely proven to damage and rust a vehicle over time.

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