Cold weather, long nights, roast turkey—and fantastic deals!

Black Friday is on the horizon and it is up to car was operators to take full advantage of this season of spending and generate increased membership sales at local car washes. Keep in mind that there are a number of reasons why Black Friday is the ideal time for a new membership push.

1. Increased consumer involvement

Leading up to Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season consumers are looking for great deals and are much more willing to buy on impulse. Consumers are also looking for creative gifts for that ‘hard to buy for' person, and a prepaid car wash memberships at their local wash might just be what they’ve been searching for. These circumstances can allow savvy marketers to reach a large audience with great results in a very limited period of time._

2. Consumers are primarily buying for OTHERS, not themselves

Gifting makes Black Friday one of the best chances all year for your wash to hook people who normally would never turn into a car wash on their own. If an individual is gifted a membership from a friend or family member who already uses your wash they are very likely to take advantage of it, exposing them to the wash and opening up the chance that they may continue coming back after their initial promotional membership expires.

3. Advertisements become much more effective around the holidays

Most of the year consumers try to insulate themselves from advertising or simply tune it out. But during the holidays millions of Americans tear through their Sunday newspapers, surf the web, and listen in to the radio in search of great Christmas deals they can take advantage of in order to find great gifts for friends and family.

4. Winter is coming

If you are in a cold or snowy climate, road salt and the rust that may result from it is a major concern that drivers face every year. When the first snowfall hits be sure your marketing can point out this risk to busy shoppers and remind them that regular car washes (available via gift memberships) clean off corrosive salt and chemicals.

 So how to take advantage of this precious opportunity?

  • Run timely print and/or radio ads emphasizing that car wash memberships are a practical, affordable, and worthwhile gift..
  • Put up black Friday signage on your property to catch passing eyes as customers are out and about..
  • Consider offering a ‘One for Them, One for You!’ promotion, so customers also receive something for themselves when they buy a membership for a friend or family member..
  • Offer savings (they don't need to be significant) or short-term combo deals to draw in greater numbers of visitors..
  • Open early and close late. Black Friday is now starting as early as Thursday evening with a second wave of shoppers up early on Friday, so have staff on-hand to make the sales when the shoppers are out and about..
  • Repeat your sales for Cyber Monday using a modern online web portal with mobile optimization. Social media ads, daily deal services, and an email blast can help compliment the campaign.

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