Today's car washes are complex mechanical systems. From conveyor belts to water systems and sprayers, these moving parts must work together to achieve a clean vehicle. As important as the mechanical items are, car wash detergent plays a vital role in the quality of your wash. But even when using top-of-the-line detergents, the wrong concentration levels will hurt your car wash’s performance.  

Too much detergent can leave spots and stains on vehicles and negatively (and unnecessarily) increases your car wash overhead expense. Too little detergent won't achieve the clean results your customers expect. Worst of all, poor detergent concentration levels could result in damage to your customer's vehicles or your car wash equipment.  

Titration Testing  

Conducting a titration test will measure the strength and effectiveness of your detergents to ensure you have the right concentration. A titration is an experiment where a volume of a solution of known concentration is added to the volume of another solution to determine its concentration.  

Tommy Car Wash System's Titration Kit includes everything you need to perform a titration test on your car wash efficiently. The kit consists of detailed instructions and walks you through each step to get an accurate reading and make any necessary adjustments to your wash operations. Titration tests should be performed as part of the regular maintenance on your car wash.  

Volumetrics Testing 

Volumetrics is a measurement of detergent usage per car. They are performed on each function in the wash, and each detergent used in the pod. The goal of performing volumetrics is to utilize it for “troubleshooting issues in the pod” and measuring usage per function which gives you a cost analysis and car count per drum.   

Tommy's Signature Blend of Detergents 

Tommy Car Wash Systems' proprietary detergent line is formulated to provide the best possible results in extreme high-volume scenarios. Tommy Signature Profile products offer an exceptional blend of value and performance from presoak to tire shine. Two of our most popular detergents are Tommy Presoak and Tommy Brite.  

Tommy Presoak solution is a versatile alkaline detergent used as a presoak or tire/wheel cleaner. The product produces a moderate-high foam with a mild citrus scent, contains no phosphates, and is readily biodegradable. 

Tommy Brite is an outstanding low pH body soap detergent. This product should be used in all cloth functions for foaming and lubricity. Tommy Brite creates a lathery, deep cleaning foam to cut through dirt, bugs, and road grime. Just spray on and rinse off. 

The days of one-size-fits-all, cherry-scented, super bubble wash detergents are long gone. Today's car wash detergents are scientifically developed chemical formulations specifically designed to produce superiorly clean vehicles while simultaneously using less water. By using better detergents and testing your concentration levels regularly, you can be confident that your wash is performing at its best.   

We have been washing cars for over 50 years. You can be confident in the expertise of the Tommy Car Wash Systems team to help you select the right products for your car wash. Our goal is to help you maximize your budget while realizing maximum wash quality and efficient car wash operations. 

To learn more about Tommy Car Wash System's signature line of detergents and how to qualify for free shipping, talk to a member of our sales team today. 

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