If your local car washes seem busier lately, chances are you aren’t imagining things. According to market research from IBIS World, US car washes nationally are currently experiencing 2.9% annual growth—growth that is accelerating for three specific reasons:

1. Cars and Money

US auto sales in 2015 reached their highest point ever, clearing the previous record set 15 years prior thanks to a rare combination of cheap gasoline, improved employment, and low interest rates. For car washes, this is excellent news. Consumers with the money to now buy new vehicles, some for the first time, have good motivation to keep those new cars looking great and running well.

2. Land and Water

We’ve written before on the water waste and environmental damage resulting from driveway car washing, and thanks to awareness campaigns led by state governments and environmental nonprofits, it’s a message that’s entered the public consciousness in a visible way. With modern car washes recycling water, closely managing detergent waste, and operating with water use as low as 34 gallons / vehicle, car washes today are a far better option for the environment—and consumers are taking note.

3. Better Washes

New car wash development and car wash renovation projects are bringing modern car wash technology to new customers in increasing numbers—and with outstanding results! Modern advancements like the Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor, Triple Presoak Arch, and Drying Reverse Hugger Brushes allow car washes to wash more cars per hour with faster service times, better and safer cleaning, more complete drying, and an overall better customer experience. For their part, customers respond to these improvements, rewarding the car wash loyal patronage and precious word of mouth advertising.

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